Chicken Pox Nearly Killed Me

severe chicken pox on a child's back

Source: Wikipedia

I developed encephalitis from severe chicken pox in 1964. Fortunately, my mother was an RN and when she couldn’t wake me, I was rushed to the hospital. I’m lucky they were able to save me—I was in a coma for a week and spent 2 weeks total in the hospital.

Even without almost dying, it was a horrible experience. Every kid in the neighborhood was brought over to play in my room with my toys while I was in bed, covered head to toe with calamine lotion. The lesions were in my throat, under my nails, deep in my ears, etc. And my mom tied my hands to the bed frame so I couldn’t scratch. It was horrible.

I made sure my kids got all their vaccinations, including chicken pox. I could never take a chance on the lives of my children.

– Mary Kaye Waterson


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